• Peacemaker


Updated: Mar 20

Anybody know of one? In our struggle to find peace,

it won't be colossal event as it will be the indifference of those around you. Don't sweat the small stuff? Easier said than done; especially when inflicted with it on a daily basis.

Being pushed inspires a desire to push back;

fortunately, that does not work. Finding the good path again, the way of the ancients is necessary.

Push forward; with Jesus as your lily along the path. The evil, darkness, lack of empathy, selfishness, greed....the list has a few more; let's just give it an X (when you do not know the sum but there is one, symbol for algebraic equations) push it toward the cross, nail it there, throw it there, leave it there at the foot, just get it there; and then rise with Him to a new life - love. Submit the sum of all your fears to one source - love. Whether you are experiencing it in the moment does not mean it no longer exists and in each and every moment the opportunity exists to ask for The Creators mercy and forgiveness; before long, you will be giving thanks and praise. Faith - knowing something exists without seeing it in the moment. It is God's alone to be dealt with (evil) and you will be given victory once you receive the pathway of Love again - through the fruits of the spirit you will be reminded once again, death holds no authority over you or those you pray for and that's colossal coming from a single Word, Jesus Christ. Day 3 : Living the New Life

May God's Angels guard you in all your ways.


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