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Compared to him...

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

...all people are foolish and have no knowledge at all.'

That was said around 650 BC. by a man (prophet) named Jeremiah. It is difficult to think that Love has total authority;

evil defies the senses and logic, holding us in a pattern denying this truth. Evil speaks in the ear of men who think they can plan their own course, regardless of the life around them (the 'X': steal, cheat, abuse, lie, murder...), working against The Creator who wants us to work in peace and love. They appear to get away with it as well.

They won't. When falling in the way of The Creator, ask the Creator to correct gently, not in anger; life is The Creator', surrender fully to the truth of peace and love. Asking the Creator to turn the hearts of the foolish, those that refuse to surrender their plans over to peace and love, is necessary for us to do as well. And if they still turn their heart from the truth of peace and love, desiring to get their own way at the cost of hurting others because of their own pain, the wrath that is the Creators alone, take them from the path of those who walk with Jesus. Day 4 : Preparing for The Truth, do not worry - we are designed from one source of love and each have a different and specific purpose.

Comparing your life to others is foolish; The Creator is just and righteous, focus on that relationship always.


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