• Peacemaker

Misery Turned to Hope

Not one fair-minded person is left on this earth. If we do not see the beauty The Creator designed, turning evil and misery into His Glory for the good, then there is no hope; there is no fair-mindedness. We are not The Creator. Why The Creator allowed misery to exist is a question that our minds cannot comprehend. Logic dictates, if The Creator created everything - The Creator created evil. How then can The Creator be 'all loving'? Not being God and seeing the entire plan from alpha to omega, we can stop short and get stuck here for a lifetime, or make a choice thinking repay evil for evil, misery for misery, misdeed for misdeed... The way to move forward through evil, misery, pain is to place these (viable) questions aside and counter-intuitively focus on something that you do not see, do not feel, have no reason to believe exists other than through the practice of hope. When fear has you gripped and in a panic, train a voice in your wilderness to shout 'make way for the Lord'. Understanding that love is always available to us is to remember, evil has no lasting power over us when we accept the life of Jesus and make a way for this radical love to pour forth through us - we are not our own creation - we were created out of love, by love, for love. Choosing evil, denying that truth that love reigns, will bring about that which you are angry at The Creator for Creating, evil. We do not know for what purpose The Creator needs evil as part of the loving plan but we do know it is The Creators alone and meant to be kept far from our understanding and our lives. We can work fully in love of The Creator but we must work with this love by choosing to make a way. We know not which way the help will come when we sincerely call out to The Creator but it will come. In that you must have hope. Hope is when you know of no other way, you logically and physically cannot achieve removing yourself from evil, sickness, loneliness, hate...(all the 'X' factors) on your own but you do know there is a Creator who loves and you choose to put that above everything the world is showing you. In the same way, as I write, my hope is that someone's heart who has denied The Creator will recognize their erring ways and allow in a new dimension of understanding of this all powerful and knowing Love. We all need to be counseled and encouraged toward this truth. We must persevere in speaking out loud this truth and giving thanks that this is the truth. (Day 6 of this Art Exhibit fell on a Saturday, a day of rest in The Lord) Day 7 : mighty miracles, rescuing you from slavery.

Michah 7


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