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Updated: Mar 20

When restoring, trust is needed that the foundation of that being restored remains true to form; yet, transplanted within the design is a new spirit of freshness and one with the original creator.

Knowing the original design works and chipping off anything worn away or barnacled, makes you appreciate The Designer, The one who first crafted what is now being restored. To work toward restoration you must have faith in that which you are working toward. You must have certain guidelines, laws, to work within. New craftmanship that is in the same design of the old.

Creating with the Creator.

Making all things new is what Jesus said would happen to those who had faith in this and worked toward working with his Father, The Creator. Transplanting a heart is what will take place. Patience, encouragement, good counsel, fortitude, perseverance, and fruits of the Spirit to nourish the process of restoration.

May The Creator keep you in all his ways and restore anything that may have become broken along the path. If it was you that broke it, knock on the door to atone, seek to repent, ask forgiveness. If the brokenness was done to you, leave the spirit of the evil doer/trespasser to the foot of the cross Jesus died on - thereby the toxicity of their sin will no longer infect you, it will be taken onto the cross and no longer burden you, that is how to forgive (especially if they are not sorry for their actions) then you will have rid yourself of their sin and have room for The Creator to restore you fully to knowing love; new life moving forward on the path with the risen son of The Creator whose love endures forever. Day 5 : Hope for Restoration - Book of Micah

A ruler from Bethlehem is the source of our peace. He will stand to lead his flock with The strength and Majesty of The One Creator


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