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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

for Christ's sake.

The One Creator is hard to pin down. In truth, The Creator cannot be pinned down; no exact image can be made of our Creator, nothing new under the sun can be done without the help of the Creator, there is no answer that will complete our understanding of Creation. But.... The Creator planned a way to allow us to pin down an understanding of what creation is; (actually, more like 'nailed down' an understanding) Creation, is an act of love. Depending on your perspective, this can be argued; exhaustibly, logically, even scientifically and won in the short term. Disproving that creation is solely based on love can easily override and deafen out any voice that states otherwise - as a matter of fact, voices proclaiming love in the most clear of examples have been killed in horrendous physical deaths... This should end all discussion and disprove love as the source of creation, shouldn't it? Yet, it doesn't. Physical death, no matter how horrendous and savage or massive in body counts, has not extinguished the victory of love. Love transcends the physical, dwelling in the spirit. So if God is all loving, why is there the existence of death and evil? When in pain or hearing stories of abuse or losing a relationship we held so dearly, why does it appear that love is something that can 'vanish' or be denied? To 'nail down' our understanding of love being a victory that is available to us, no matter the appearances that love is lost, this art exhibit 'That's Life' will use the example of the life of Jesus Christ to provide evidence that love can never be lost and how to reach the source of love in any given moment. We are not The Creator, we have not achieved this victory of Love. Denying The Creator, this is the source of unbelief in love. Love cannot force your spirit to be a part of this victory


is always there for you to accept.

We do not understand the lawlessness of darkness, evil and death in the way God uses it within the creation of love - remember, we are not God; so we do not have the abilities and full understanding of Creation. The priceless gain of knowing Christ subjects our desire for ultimate control and understanding of darkness, evil and death into submission of God's loving law. We were created for good and not evil, the Creator has a hope and a future for us.

Removing our knowledge of evil is a plan which the Creator has for us. When we submit evil, darkness, misunderstanding, death back to the Creator (that which is the Creators alone) through our relationship with Jesus, it then becomes transfigured into revealing the glory and victory of love that can be atoned in our life. When we hold fast to the chaos and allow evil to work in us, we are denying the Creator His creation and no longer will we be understanding that love is why we were created and we are focused on the darkness and lack of love. To think how helpless we are considering how easily we fall or are pushed by evil into this pattern of denying love, we become tempted to let that take on the authority rather than having faith in seeing the unseen, love. As this exhibit reveals itself, evidence of how death is swallowed up in the victory of love will be produced. The Creators relationship with Jesus and his creation (us) reveals a pattern of how this victory came to be, so that we can be one with God's love always. Day 2 : Pressing toward the goal

Thank The Creator for the good work stored up in you.


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