• Peacemaker

That's Life....

and so it begins. An artists exhibit of love; demonstrating the ability to create a new reality based on truth that is evidenced. How the show is interpreted reveals the heart of the beholder.

The exhibit is a culmination of various study; of which, a singular chord can be traced and found within them all, that controls them all, for eternity....

The Creator of the Universe, whose love endures forever. Love is a victory.

A victory that has been won and made known fully to the world by one way only. Through the course of the multi-media artwork displayed in the exhibit, 'That's Life',

being witnessed through your own free will, proof will reveal this truth of one Creator of love and why, in such a complicated universe, the victory of love can only be achieved through one singular way but shared endlessly - no matter the circumstances; for love is stronger than death. Day 1 : Victory; here & now, making it happen.


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